Wednesday, April 08, 2020
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A New Sensing Antenna for Cognitive Radio Front End and Wireless Communication Systems

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Abstract. With expeditious growth and exploding popularity of wireless technologies, the radio frequency spectrum has become a scarce commodity. Cognitive radio is a new technology that increases spectrum utilization and efficiency by making use of dynamic spectrum access techniques. This paper introduces a new antenna design for cognitive radio wireless communication systems. The antenna is printed on FR4 substrate and has the capability to operate from 3.0GHz to 14GHz band with a criteria that S11<-10dB which provides a very wide usable fraction bandwidth of 129 %. The antenna consists of a modified half circular radiator with two rectangular slots on it and a ground plane on the reverse side of the substrate. The proposed antenna has the sensing capabilities for cognitive radio which detects the unused spectrum in its operating band from 3.0GHz to 14GHz. Design antenna has a desired omnidirectional radiation pattern required for channel sensing.

Keywords: Cognitive radio, Microstrip antennas, Transmitting antennas, Ultra wideband antennas

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