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Dear Authors,
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Tutorials for Communication Center / Article Submission

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How to submit your manuscript

  • For this purpose you should be registered in this website. (How)
  • Login using username (or email address) and password provided after registration. (How to login?)
  • Click on “communication center” link, under “user menu”

Communication center

  • Click on the link “Submit new ticket”, to view ticket submission form

new ticket form

  • Select appropriate department (, also category if applicable) and fill other blanks also.
  • Fill the “New ticket” form as below:
    • Title: enter the title of the manuscript here.
    • Description: You may here make a brief request for the publication and mention any brief information you find necessary.
    • Enter Additional Notes: Enter a brief note here to define the file such as “Cover letter”, if you want to upload a file. Otherwise, just enter here any note.
    • Attach file to note: You can attach a file to the note entered above through a click on “Browse” button. (Allowed file types: PDF, Picture, MS Excel, MS Word)
    • NB: As a security precaution, the file is being attached can't contain single quote character (') in its name. So if you are going to submit a file contains such a character in its name, kindly rename it and change such characters into other characters like dash ( - ), backtick ( ` ), etc. otherwise the file will be omitted automatically. 
    • NB: if you want to attach more files or notes with a ticket (such as cover letter, full text, figures, etc. you can update this ticket consecutively after you saved or submitted it. (How to update a ticket)
  • Press “submit” button to submit this ticket
  • A message will be shown indicating your ticket number (#16 in this example) if the ticket was submitted correctly as the image below.

ticket saved message

How to submit more files with a single ticket:

  • For this purpose you can update your ticket consecutively (How).

How to answer (reply) after receiving a feedback from representatives:

  • Please avoid replying notification email message you received from our auto notification sender machine. That’s a no read/no reply address.
  • Please avoid submitting a new ticket in such cases and simply update that ticket through communication center. (How)

How to update an already submitted/created ticket:

  • Open the ticket you’ve already submitted for view. (How)

ticket details

  • You will find an editable box titled “Enter additional note” at the bottom, and a browse button. You may upload a file or enter some note, or reply to a representative, etc.
  • Click save button and wait for the save message
  • It’s done, but you may redo these steps consecutively to update your ticket again. (For instance: in case of submitting multiple files)

How to view my already submitted ticket

  • Ener home page
  • Login
  • Click on “communication center” link, under “user menu”
  • Click on the link “View submitted tickets” to view list of your submitted tickets.

list of my tickets

  • Click any row to view corresponding ticket with all of its updates.

Will I be informed of any updates of my ticket?

  • Yes, you will be notified of any update made on your ticket through an email message.
  • Nonetheless, you may view your tickets details any time using communication center. (How)

What should I do in case of any unpredictable problem?

M o r e . . .

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